What kind of wax are your hand-poured candles made with? 

Our wax is 100% All Natural Soy! It’s completely Paraben, Phthalate, Eco-friendly, Vegan & Cruelty free, making it fully safe to use. Soy burns cleaner and slower - offering a longer lifespan to keep your home smelling amazing until its time to re-order.

How big are your candles?

Our candles consist of a generous 8oz-18oz pour to offer up to 55-75 hours of decadent aroma! 

Can I upcycle my candle vessel?

Yes! To remove the last bit of wax in your vessel, we recommend placing it into the freezer for 25-30 mins briefly. The wax should pop right out, Wipe it clean and use it to store your jewelry, makeup brushes, plant succulents into, or any other creative thing you can think of!

How are your candles different/better than Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candles?

BBW & Yankee Candles have amazing products. They smell great and they have a huge following! #GOALS. However, their candles are made with paraffin wax, which is a petroleum based wax and is actually TOXIC! Most people don't know this and no it will not kill you, but it is not good for you to breath in. My candles are made from 100% All natural soy and are much better for you and eco-friendly.

How do I keep a clean and steady burn?

We recommend keeping your candle away from a draft and always keep your wicks trimmed to about ¼ of an inch prior to being (re)lit! Make sure to keep your burn sessions limited to 3-4 hours and/or until the entire surface of the wax has fully melted. Never extinguish your candle with water!

What are the dimensions of the apron?

Our 100% organic unisex aprons are 26" tall x 20" wide.

What are sage sticks used for and what size are they?

Handmade white sage sticks can be used to cleanse any negative, stagnant, uncomfortable and heavy energy from any space in your home, office, car or where ever you would like to set good intentions for your space. They are approximately 4.5" L 2" D

Where can I hang my D.I.Y flower pots?


Where are your Bath Salts from and are they versatile?

Our 100% All natural himalayan pink sea salt is hand-mined from deep within the himalayan mountains. It has un-matched qualities and is kosher certified and organic compliant. This salt is a unique and rich composition suitable for bathing, soaking your sore joints, + gourmet cooking under a kosher diet.

Candle Care

Help! My candle is mushrooming! Why?

If the wax does not burn quickly enough to keep up with the wick "a mushroom" wick occurs, which results in the wick consuming the wax resulting in an accumulation of carbon particles on the wick. Trim the black 'cap' off and bend or 'curl' the tip of the wick to repair a mushroom wick. Mushrooming can also occur when a candle is burned for a prolonged period of time.

What are some common don't's when it comes to candle care?

-Do not leave your candle unattended
-Don’t forget to trim your wick!
-Don’t burn for more than 4 hours. Your wick can begin to “mushroom” and create a large flame.
-Do not extinguish your candle with water 

When I burn my candle the flame is high. How can I fix this?

Trimming the wick 1⁄4 inch before burning your candles is recommended.

My candle is tunneling, any advice?

Shorter burn times are the main cause of tunneling; the first burn is very critical, which is typically known as memory burn.  Therefore, it's very important to burn your candles for at least 2-3 hours, waiting for the edges of the wax melt to fully pool before the candle is extinguished.

How do I get rid of the soot around my candle?

The easiest way to prevent soot and smoke is to keep the wicks trimmed and the candles free of debris. Whenever dealing with fire, soot can commonly accumulate within the glass, which is totally normal. However, it’s super simple to clean! After your candle has cooled, grab a sheet of paper towel and olive oil and wipe around the perimeter of the glass. Clean as New!
Order Status

Where can I check the status of my order?

That’s easy! Simply log into your Accounts page at www.devanelanedeocr.com and check under Order History. All past and current orders will be detailed here, including the status of your order! Feel free to email us at www.devanelanedeocr.com and one of team members will assist you!

When will my credit card be charged?

Payment on an order is processed at the time it is submitted for processing. In the event that an item cannot be fulfilled, you will be reimbursed immediately back to the original form of payment.

How can I correct my mailing address?

As long as your order hasn’t shipped, we can probably help! Email us at devanelanedecor@gmail.com as soon as possible!


Do you offer online E-Gift cards?

Yes! We understand that our products make beautiful gifts and we want your special someone to pick and choose! E-Gift cards are the perfect gift to offer both flexibility and freedom to your loved ones! We offer E-Gift cards ranging from $25-200!